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Catch Media

Founded in 2003, Catch Media has continually invested in the development and deployment of its proprietary (and patent-pending) Play Anywhere® SmartCloud digital content technology.  Play Anywhere® is a modular and robust cloud-based B2B registry, tracking, routing and clearinghouse service that can be implemented across multiple ecosystems. In Japan, Catch Media is active in the eBooks and video market. In addition, the Play Anywhere®  platform is implemented in the music market by our joint venture CatchMedia Japan.


Cellint is a leading provider of cellular based solutions for traffic information system and location data services.

Cellint’s TrafficSense is a road traffic information system that continuously monitors traffic speeds, travel times and incidents in real time. It matches the huge amount of control messages available at the cellular network with GPS coordinates for each message, generating the best area-wide traffic information service in the world.

Cellint’s NetEyes utilizes Cellint unique cellular location method to find accurate position of all active users passively in real time, for use by various Smart City planning applications.

iLand6 supports Japanese customers implementing Cellint applications inside Japan and worldwide.


Gigaspaces’ Cloudify provides an orchestration framework for cloud applications, helping to automate the DevOps process.
Cloudify supports Easy setup, deployment, monitoring, auto-repair, and scaling for mission critical cloud applications.  Gigaspaces is based on OpenStack architecture, and facilitates hybrid cloud applications including OpenStack, VMware vCloud Air, Amazon AWS, etc.
Gigaspaces'CloudifyGigaspaces’ XAP is an in-memory computing software platform that optimizes transaction-heavy applictions for millions of transactions per second with sub-millisecond latencies 100% consistency, and high availability.


Gilat is a leading provider of satellite communications products and services. Gilat's solutions serve the communications needs of carriers, enterprises, governments, service providers, defense organizations and consumers around the globe.

Whether the SkyEdge II system for commercial deployments like cellular backhaul and disaster recovery, or SatCom solutions on land, air and sea for military and homeland security needs, Gilat provides high-quality products with full support.


GoNet Systems provides carrier-class, outdoor Wi-Fi solutions to cellular operators and wireless service providers for 3G data offload and Wi-Fi access applications, and delivers a solid business case for 3G offload deployments through superior performance in terms of coverage, capacity & noise.


Mobilicom provides instant, ad-hoc LTE broadband communication in a variety of topologies such as Point-to-Point, mesh, relay, etc.  The system provides up to 40 Mbps at moving speeds of 800 km/hour independent of any base station or preexisting infrastructure. 
iLand6 offers this compact communication solution in conjunction with real-time sensors for such applications as: Homeland Security, Smart City, Manned and Unmanned Transportation, and others.


NoviSign Android digital signage solution lets you create beautiful, dynamic, interactive screens in your place of business with no installations and no technical or design skills are required!

NoviSign Digital Signage is independent software as a service (SaaS) that enables the managing of dynamic campaigns from the cloud to any IP-based sign anywhere in the world. From any PC, the user can broadcast the same or different targeted messages to any number of signs at an unlimited number of locations in real-time

Typical usage environments include:



PacketLight’s product suite offers the flexibility to build a cost effective, highly efficient optical network infrastructure for DWDM CWDM, OTN and dark fiber transport connectivity solutions and satisfy all the challenges faced by the service providers and organizations.


Saguna Content Optimization Delivery System™ (CODS) addresses the exponential growth in data usage over mobile networks with an innovative carrier-grade application and content acceleration solution.


Silicom’s flagship product lines, which include a wide range of high-end multi-port networking, bypass, encryption and redirector adapters, are used by over 70 vendors and suppliers of security appliances, load balancing appliances, Internet acceleration systems, WAN optimization appliances, server-based systems and mission-critical gateway applications. In addition, Silicom's new SETAC (Server To Appliance Converter) product line, enables OEMs to use standard servers as the basis for superior network appliances.

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